It’s Endgame Time Again! New Info From Stella

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ReaEndgame: The Callingdy for more Endgame tips and thoughts? Well, it’s that time! 🙂 We don’t always post on the weekends, but today felt like a good time to put out an update.

First, we’ve got three new challenges from Stella.


The challenge’s here.
This one requires solving all the other challenges first.
The lyrics from Tuesday will help.
More details to come in a future post! 😀


The challenge’s here.
Some things to help you along:
IDES are relevant.
Use a Julian conversion to find an event.
Check a future post for more info!


The challenge’s here. Here are some clues to help you solve it:

Isn’t the message wordy?
Does anything in this connect to a name of a place?
Think: Place##
More detailed clue: How many words are in the message? 
The answer: Rome64

In other news, I stumbled upon a “quick glance” recap of the 12 societies that one Endgamer made, to help you when you’re choosing which society is right for you. Nice job! (Sadly, this recap has since been taken down.)

And here’s the video Stella posted. It was the answer to a previous riddle. Looks like she’s going to be posting video answers for a lot of these eventually.


And by the way, for those of you playing the book ARG… Have you noticed that it’s really hard for people who don’t speak English to solve? I don’t know if there are versions of the game in other languages… But so far some of the solutions have required English speaking to answer, have been connected with English YouTube videos, etc. It’s interesting because it seems unfair to the people in other countries.

Have you gotten past the first website’s passphrase yet? We have and it leads down a super trippy rabbit hole! (No clue there — it really is trippy!) We’d love to hear from you by email if you’ve gotten that far. You can go to the Contact Us page to let us know.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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