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Alone Season 10, Episode 6 Recap and Review

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Episode 6 of History Channel’s Alone, Season 10, takes place over Days 24 – 30. Five contestants remain at the start of the episode. 

This is a recap and review of episode 6.

Spoilers to follow!



On day 24, we find Taz making a moose caller, checking on his food cache, and setting up another gill net. When it turns up empty, he decides to go for larger game. He loses two arrows shooting at a bird but manages to find them. He then takes another shot and hits a ruffed grouse. 

Four days later, Taz has been working on his spruce grouse lodge, his shelter. He shows off his chess set he made out of a box he found and some pieces of wood, then plays a game. He also discusses what he thinks of the other contestants. 


We find Wyatt on day 24 pulling in his gill net to reveal a trout. His net has been ripped in several places. He’s decided to ration his food until he hits his quota. He builds an entirely new net that he hopes will be better. 

The next day, Wyatt sets his net and then gathers firewood. As he cuts logs, he talks about his role growing up with more responsibilities than a child should have and his days as a hockey parent. 

On day 26, Wyatt catches a 15-20 pound, 42-inch long pike. He’s very excited, as he says the amount of meat can feed him for ten more days. He smokes the fish, and it looks fantastic.


On day 26, Mickey shows off some rocks he found, which he uses to sharpen his knives. He explains his now-persistent insomnia, brought on by a lack of protein.

When the sun’s up, he goes on a walk, looking for useful items or opportunities. He finds nails in a board and some plywood, which he uses to improve his shelter with a door.

Day 29 rolls around, and Mickey is still suffering from insomnia. After a day stuck inside due to the wind and rain, he goes on another walk to look for food. He manages to shoot a grouse. After eating, he makes ink in some jars he found and writes a letter to his wife on a piece of birch bark.  


On day 27, we find Melanie processing reindeer moss (which needs to be boiled twice) and then drying it to use it as a thickener for her meals (to make them more enjoyable).

On a trek, which she uses not only for survival but to connect with how her pioneer ancestors lived, she finds a huge patch of blueberries. 

On the windy day, Mel spends her time indoors on small tasks like repairing her bed. The next day, she finds that her wood shed was destroyed in the wind, so she has to rebuild it.

Back in her shelter, she records what she says is a secret message for her partner (unaware she has to share all the SD cards with the crew), where she says she’s hiding all her weaknesses and fears when recording on the other SD cards because she’s worried the show will focus on those. She says she’s disheartened by her inability to fish, but she’s not giving up. 



On day 27, Alan is catching more fish and eating some organs (including accidentally consuming the gallbladder, which can be toxic). He builds a large smoker covered in moss to preserve the fish. As he fishes, he talks about how he feels settled where he is and is enjoying Saskatchewan.

Upon catching another fish, he realizes he’s dropped his spool in the water. He strips down and slides in after it. He rescues it, thankfully!

On day 28, Alan begins to smoke his fish, but on the next day, the very windy one, his smoker and his attitude are impacted by the harsh weather.  

On day 30, he continues to smoke his fish, and while he waits for it to be complete, he makes a new lure and talks about missing his wife. He goes fishing with the new lure but thrice loses a fish. He grows increasingly frustrated with each loss. 


No one tapped out in this episode, and now my predictions are shifting slightly. Alan appears to have great difficulty adjusting to very challenging problems. So far in the show, he’s been very lucky with fishing, but with the windy day ruining his smoking attempts and then with losing three fish, we’re seeing a new side of Alan that makes me wonder whether he’ll tap out in anger when things get harder. I do think Mickey, out of sheer determination, and Wyatt, due to the skills he’s shown so far, are the top two contenders (though as a fellow Ontario resident, I do have a bit of bias towards the man from Bracebridge). And, of course, I’m rooting for Melanie too, as it would be great to have a woman winner on the main show (there was one on a spinoff, which I highly recommend checking out)!  


The next episode airs on July 20 on History Channel and StackTV. 

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