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How to Throw a Game of Thrones Watch Party Guide; 70+ Ideas!

ned starks head in cake on spikes

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So you’ve decided to throw an epic Game of Thrones watch party, and you’re looking for ideas. Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been all over the internet looking for the best Game of Thrones party ideas out there. You’re probably in a hurry, so lets get to it.

The Invitation

Most of you will end up inviting people the old fashioned way – by making a private Facebook event. But if you want to go all-out, there’s just no substitute for a wax sealed paper invitation.

a letter is sealed with wax

DIY Wax Seal Instructions

For a less personalized seal, you can buy this $12 kit.

a wax seal kit

You’ll need the right font to make it look proper..properly!

this font looks like the game of thrones show font

The Game of Thrones Font

Add a medieval flair by using the template below.

this template looks like the Gutenberg bible

Medieval Stationary

Make sure you’re clear about the start time. I suggest having guests arrive at least an hour before the show starts. Be very explicit about exactly when you will be starting the show (9PM EASTERN TIME if you want to start when it airs), and state that you require internet blackout during the show.

Setting the Mood


Since the recession, most people no longer have squires. So when your guests arrive, greet them by reciting their full title “Hail First Name of House Last Name“. Blow a bugle horn between introductions for more decorum.

The Extension of Guest Right

After the arrival and recitation of titles, it is customary to offer your guests bread and salt. This is a symbolic gesture. You are offering them guest right.

a bread bowl full of salt sits on a table

Bread and Salt

Remember: If any guest takes the salt and bread, they are protected by “guest right.” You are not allowed to harm that guest for the rest of the night!

The Denial of Guests Right

If unwanted guests arrive, here’s what to do.  Instead of offering bread and salt, you simply sit in the doorway with your sword across your lap. This is a sign that they are unwelcome and will not be extended guests right in your house.


The official Game of Thrones soundtrack for seasons 1, 3, 4 and 5 are FREE to stream for Amazon Prime members. Not a member? Just sign up for this 30-day free trial.

Now use the Amazon Music app to cue up the music, and play it softly in the background.

ned sits the iron throne
Game of Thrones Soundtrack Season 1

game of thrones season 3 soundtrack

Game of Thrones Soundtrack Season 3

game of thrones season 4 soundtrack

Game of Thrones Soundtrack Season 4

Game of thrones season 5 soundtrack

Game of Thrones Soundtrack Season 5

Another option is to go with something less recognizable and more period-appropriate. Try this hour-long selection on Youtube & simply start it over if it gets to the end:

Make Your House Look Medieval

You’ll want to avoid having any electronics visible. So move them or cover them with cloth.

You should also gather every candle you’ve got and light em up!

candle holders made out of concrete

DIY Concrete Candles

Now decorate like it’s 1399.

two mercury glass goblets

DIY Mercury Glass Goblets

a cloth banner that says gather

DIY Medieval Signs

Game of Thrones Themed Decorations

Dragon eggs are a Game of Thrones party favorite. Here are several ways you can make them.

three dragon eggs in a chest

DIY Paper Mache Dragon Eggs

three great dragon eggs of paper mache

Another Instructable for paper mache dragon eggs.

shiny dragon eggs made from push pins

Push Pin Dragon Eggs

danaerys lost her dragons. send a raven if found

Add some levity with this lost and found poster.

this toilet looks like the iron throne

Dress up your Porcelain Throne DIY style.

Or use this $25 decal.

toilet iron throne decal

The Iron Throne is supposed to be uncomfortable, so decorate the most uncomfortable chair in the house.

a wooden chair with cardboard swords attached

Cardboard Wooden Iron Throne

As King (or Queen) of the Castle, you deserve a crown.

a cardboard crown that looks like joffreys

DIY Antler Crown Like Joffrey’s

Show everyone what happened to the last guest who tried to usurp your authority.

a skull with molten lava and white hair

Crown for a King

(Is that a polyethylene skull + glue + gold paint?)

Show support for your liege lord!

lannister house banner

Amazon has a banner in this style for every major house. They range from $11-$16 each.

DIY Tree From a Brown Paper Bag

diy tree from paper bag

Protect that coffee table with these wax seal Game of Thrones coasters! Just $30 for the set.

six sigils on coasters that look like wax seals



In remembrance of Sean Bean.

ned starks cake head on toothpick spikes

Dead Ned Cake Pops

neds heads as cake on spikes

Another take on the Ned Head cake pops

cheese balls in herbs look like neds head

Dead Ned Heads of Herb Rolled Cheese

Remember to have fun with your labels.

fun food labels game of thrones

And don’t forget to honor the Old Gods.

awesome weirwood of cauliflower

Weirwood Tree Cauliflower Steaks

a weirwood tree made of cake

Weirwood Cake

Serve Sansa’s favorite dessert – lemon cakes.

delicious looking lemon cake

100 Calorie Lemon Cakes (pictured above)

a lemon cake sits on a table

Lemon Cakes Recipe #2

fancy lemon cake with a pink glaze

Fancy Lemon Cakes

cupcakes with blue and red decorations

Ice and Fire Cupcakes

a pie that looks like the targaryen sigil

This one looks difficult, but it’s actually just Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and a little bit of lemon peel for the flames.

Three Headed Dragon Pie

Tip: You should always serve Hot Pie, but you should never serve Frey pies.

a woman holds a dragon hears of cake

This edible horse heart looks super realistic.

great looking dragon egg cookies

Dragon Egg Cookies

cool dragon egg cookies

Another recipe for dragon egg cookies.

dragon eggs candy

Chocolate Almond Dragon Eggs

And even more edible dragon eggs.

how to make hard boiled dragon eggs

Hard Boiled Dragon Eggs

You might want to serve some real food too.

good looking chicken pie

Chicken Handpies

delicious looking turkey leg

Turkey Legs

cool looking diy game of thrones banners

Make it all fancy with these print at home banner skewers.

Finally, you might want to make a menu to show off your culinary, Photoshop, and pun skillz. Here are a few ideas.

game of thrones food menu

Party Snack Menu

iron throne with silverware menu

The Silverware Throne Menu Frame


eight houses as beer labels

These $2 printable beer labels will both delight your guests and reveal their true loyalties.

Of course, there are also six officially licensed Game of Thrones beers you can buy from Ommegang.

iron throne ommegang beer

The two most popular wines in Westeros are Dornish Red and Arbor Gold. You should label your wines accordingly.

dornish wine label

Dornish Red Sour Label

awesome win labels dornish red and arbor gold

Dornish Red and Arbor Gold Matching Labels

Individual labels for printing:

Arbor Gold
Dornish Red

win labels dornish red arbor gold and casterly rock

Dornish Red, Arbor Gold, and two other labels for $5.

But in a pinch, just do the best you can.

hand labeled wines for game of thrones

Mead is basically wine made with honey instead of grapes. It is delicious and wonderfully period appropriate. I heartily suggest your stock up on mead for your party. I know I will.

best sweet mead brand

My brand.

gummy bears soaked in vodka

Straight Vodka tastes terrible, so soak it into gummy bears instead.

Another idea is to put green Jello Vodka shots into mason jars and label it “Wildfire”.

It should look something like this.

jars with green liquid

Photo Source

a group of small mason jars

This set of twelve jars for $9 should do the trick.

Party Games

Every party needs party games. Here are some ideas.

king joffrey as a gun target

Target Practice

a set of home made sigils

Design Your Own Banner and House Words Contest

game of thrones themed battleship drinking game


guy in dragon costume has fire on a stick

Costume Contest

a dragon with tails all over the wall

Pin the Tail on the Dragon

this diy game tests game of thrones knowledge

Print at Home Trivia Game

Party Favors and Prizes

$5 and below

a silver looking direwolf necklace

$2 Direwolf Necklace (Careful. This one does not have 2-day shipping.)

hand of the king pin

$3 Hand of the King Bronze Brooch

a deck of cards with game of thrones characters

$5 Game of Thrones Standard Playing Cards

a decal sticker of stark direwolf

$5 Vinyl Direwolf Decal

$20 and Below

black mug with direwolf and winter is coming

$10 Direwolf Coffee Mug

jon snow doll with plastic sword

$12 Jon Snow Action Figure

a small replica of longclaw, jon snows sword

$12 Miniature Longclaw Replica

the north remembers written in blood

$12-$20 Stark Revenge Tee

a metal bottle opener that looks like the game of thrones hand of the king pin

$14 Hand of the King Bottle Opener

front and back of the faceless men coin from braavos

$14 The Coin of the Faceless Men

a pair of game of thrones flasks

$16 Personalized Game of Thrones Flask

t shirt demanding trial by combat

$20 Know Your Rights

Find more ideas in our Game of Thrones Gift Buying Guide and our Game of Thrones Book Buying Guide.

The Main Event

This is what it’s all about. You should detail a clear policy regarding talking during the show and the use of cell phones. It’s probably not necessary to outline a spoilers policy, because the show has officially passed the books.

Be very clear that there will be no discussions from the start of “Previously On” to the finish of next week’s sneak peek.

We like to pause and discuss on occasion. It takes several seconds to say “Hey Name! Could you please pause it?”, so instead we use a simple code. Just one word that means all of that. If anyone yells “POTATO!” during the show, whoever has the remote knows that it’s time to pause. If you go with this strategy, make sure you pick a “safe word” that wouldn’t otherwise come up. Is it appropriate to use “potato” to call bathroom breaks? That’s your choice, but make sure that your policy is known and understood.

Game of Thrones Drinking Games

We recommend not playing a drinking game. We tried this a few years ago and it got out of hand quickly. We ended up drinking way too much to really enjoy the show. “Take a sip when someone dies” quickly turnes into “Ummm. Jerry just died of alcohol poisoning. Does that mean we have to take a sip?”

Nevertheless, if you want to chug, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of Game of Thrones drinking games.

ned stark says brace yourselves. liver failure is coming

Game of Thrones Bingo

a bingo game for common game of thrones devices

This game is fun, but you’ll have to update the blanks. There are, for example, several squares involving the Hound, Joffrey, and Jon Snow.

One year I let guests fill in their own blanks for two squares before the show. Everyone read theirs and the community decided if it was specific enough. Just remember that every bingo card needs at least a different order to the squares, if not different blanks altogether.

And there you have it. If you try any of these ideas, make sure you send us pictures. We’d love to see how it turned out.

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