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When is Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Airing?

Daryl Dixon

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Daryl has been walking the streets of Paris for two whole episodes, and meeting some quite intriguing characters so far. It seems like the show has just started, and while it has, we’re already onto episode 3! How quickly time flies. With that being said, you may be wondering when you’ll see Daryl, Laurent, and Company next. Here’s what time The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon episode 3 airs.

Daryl Dixon Episode 3 Airs Today

The time has come for AMC and AMC+ subscribers to tune in for Daryl Dixon episode 3. If you’re an AMC+ subscriber, you can watch it now, streaming live, and at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC. The Walking Dead and AMC have opted to keep the early screening going, but Thursdays are now out the window. At the beginning of September, AMC+ took to Twitter/X to clarify fans questions. 

AMC on Twitter / X
AMC on Twitter / X

The show now airs on the same day as the regular AMC channel, only at 3 a.m. Eastern / midnight Pacific. Viewers who subscribed for the early access are mostly against that decision, with some only subscribing to AMC+ for early screenings which aren’t that early anymore. 

AMC Early schedule Reddit
Reddit users are not happy with AMC’s early screentime decisions.

Regardless of when it airs, most of us are looking forward to seeing Daryl’s next adventures in Paris. Although disappointing that the show won’t air on Thursdays anymore, we can at least have on-demand access with AMC+.

What is The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon about?

Subsequent to his departure from the Commonwealth, Daryl encounters a group of hostile individuals who apprehend him and subsequently transport him aboard a vessel affiliated with an organization known as the Cause. Daryl’s involuntary placement on this vessel is based on the presumption that he might serve as a suitable candidate for the Cause’s experimental endeavors.

However, a significant turn of events occurs in proximity to the coastline of France, as Daryl manages to escape from captivity. His actions escalate to the extent of fomenting a mutiny, resulting in extensive damage to the Cause’s ongoing research initiatives. In the course of his escape, Daryl finds himself aboard a rowboat, which capsizes at a juncture during his journey.

Daryl Dixon
AMC: Daryl Dixon

Remarkably, Daryl emerges from this ordeal alive and resorts to tethering himself to the upper part of the rowboat. He embarks on an arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean, directed toward an indeterminate landfall. Meanwhile, the vessel’s captain and crew are left with the presumption that Daryl has met an untimely demise. 

Daryl Trivia

According to the Fandom wiki, Daryl wasn’t even in the original plan for the AMC show. But here’s the kicker: when Norman Reedus auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon, he knocked it out of the park. The producers were so blown away by his performance that they decided to cook up a whole new character just for him – and that’s how Daryl Dixon was born. Talk about making a role your own! Also, Daryl takes the crown for the most screen time in the show, hands down. He’s like the MVP, showing up in a whopping 148 episodes – more than any other character. That’s some serious on-screen dedication right there!

And now he’s even got his own spin-off. I have a small feeling that it’s not his last project either.

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