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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 5: Read CRM’s Newspaper

Huck on TWD World Beyond

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In Season 2 Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Huck and Dennis are shown with a CRM newspaper. It reveals a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes, but the newspaper is hard to read because it’s only on the screen for a second. Thankfully, some helpful fans took the time to transcribe it for everyone else.

This article has spoilers for Season 2 Episode 5 of The Walking Dead World Beyond, which has aired on AMC+ and will air on TV on October 31.

Here’s What the Newspaper Says

In Reddit’s TWD World Beyond subreddit, Redditor u/InmemoryofDW posted a transcription of the newspaper for fans to read. You can read the transcription and the thread here or see it below. The paper is called the Civic Republic Tribune.

First paper: Left Column Story

CRBC Optimises Signal

Military Looks Ahead to Civilian Oversight

By Nick — / Tribune Staff

In an address to the citizens of the Civic Republic this week, Major General Beale surprised many when he spoke not only of recent — in fortifying the city and — military forces but of the future transition of power toward the civilian government.

A transition of power from military leadership to full civilian oversight is a bedrock provision of the Civic Republic’s Founding Compact, the foundational — that has guided our city to rebuilding humanity for over nine years. Authors of the document were in agreement that military autonomy was imperative for the early survival of the CR, as well as its stabilisation in the years to follow. The provision also states that ten years into the CR — a transition of power would take place, a move that would put the power back into the hands of the people.

With the Compact’s decade — — in the next year, —

When asked if the ten-year timeline written into the CR’s Founding Compact still seemed feasible to the Major General Beale, Beale responded saying, “There are many variables to consider. But I have full faith that when the time comes, we will execute the plan smoothly.”

When pressed to reveal specifics of the plan for the transition of power, Beale remained tight-lipped. “It’s something my joint chiefs of –…”

A CR farmer, speaking anonymously, shared similar sentiments, “You can’t deny what the CR military has done for this city. We owe our survival to them,” he said. “But things are under control more than ever before, and it feels like the right time for the citizens to take the reins.”

Beale’s acknowledgement of the transition of power in his address has proven to be a smart political move. His approval ratings are polling at an all-time high, with many people citing his leadership as integral to the — — of the CR. With strong — and widespread —

First Paper: Right Column

There are some headlines on the right column, including a headline that reads, “City Celebrates Eight Years of New Beginnings.”

Second Paper: Headline Story
CRM Requests Emergency Delay of Civilian Oversight

Another headline reads, “Candidates Forum to Be Held in Millennium Park.”

Backside of paper headline: “Tempus Vitae Enim Effictut.”

The Newspaper Reveals Quite a Bit About the Political Backstory

Based on the newspaper and what we learned at the end of Episode 5, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with the CRM. They’re allowing communities to be destroyed by zombies in part to secure new test subjects. But they’re also, it appears, going to use these events as false flags in order to stop the peaceful transfer of power from the military to the civilian government.

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