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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of November 4-10

YouTube Roundup

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Resurgence Board Game Review
Resurgence hasn’t even hit Kickstarter yet and it’s already caught the attention of over 1600 people itching to back the post-apocalyptic board game project. You can register to be notified when the crowdfunding project hits the platform, but in the mean time, check out the video above for complete information.

Coming Up With Post Apocalyptic Group Names
One very important — yet overlooked — aspect of creating your post-apocalyptic doomsday group is coming up with a name. This is where Brian and Heather from Wayward Son Productions can help in their own quirky, humorous way.

The Age of Embers (A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller) Audiobook
Best-selling author Ryan Schow penned this first book in his Age of Embers series and this audiobook preview narrated by the infamous Kevin Pierce is a good one to get you started in Schow’s work. Note that this isn’t the complete book, just a preview.

Doomsday Hunters – Permadeath Procedural Post Apocalypse Roguelike
SplatterCat plays through this roguelite RPG to show off gameplay and give his honest commentary on how much he enjoys it… until he doesn’t.

Apocalypse Road is Basically Mad Max, Here’s Why…
Apocalypse Road is a popular board game that acts very similar to something like Thunder Road from the 80s. In fact, much of the game is aimed toward fans of 80s post-apocalyptic movies and it seems like an easy-to-learn game as explained by the hosts.

Blurred Short Film
As someone who would be nearly blind without his glasses, this short film speaks to me. It’s the story of a man surviving in the apocalypse until he loses his glasses and is pursued by a psychopath. We get to see some great shots of what the main character sees without his glasses and… well, this is just a horror film at that point.


Post Apocalyptic Alien Shooter | Inversion | Breakout
Inversion Mission: Breakout is an older game (from 2012) about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world full of raiders and dudes with huge muscles. This gameplay video has no commentary, so enjoy!

Hard Knuckle | Australian Post-Apocalyptic | Full Movie
Goose from Mad Max (Steve Bisley) plays a pool hustler in this strange movie about cut-throat games of pool in the apocalyptic wasteland. The 1988 film has a few cameos from other lesser-known Mad Max stars thrown in for good measure.

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