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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of January 7-13


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The post-apocalyptic YouTube Round-Up is back this week with all the latest and greatest from the post-apocalyptic genre in one easy-to-swallow pill! This week we have a full-length film, several new gameplay videos, and some more behind-the-scenes from Steven King’s latest adaptation of The Stand.

HAAK Gameplay from SplatterCatGaming
HAAK is a retro side-scroller that sees your ninja-like character sneak around the apocalypse exploring, fighting, and even solving mysteries. Looks fun!

The Stand – The Art Of Adapting Stephen King
We’re four episodes into the new adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand and so far everyone seems to love it. In this video, we see more from the producers and crew on how they updated the 43-year-old story and where they plan to go from here.

Pustostan (2021) – Indie Film
This Polish post-apocalyptic film contains elements of horror in its artsy off-the-wall production. In the filmmaker’s own words, “The mysterious mystical specter, who wants to take control of the earth, sends his dark servant called the Time Wanderer on a mission to destroy the last bastion of humanity. They are only opposed by a young warrior who must find the other two survivors before the ghastly Time Wanderer does!”

No Place Like Home Gameplay
No Place Like Home is very similar to other popular farming/survival games like Portia or Stardew Valley, but with much more of a post-apocalyptic twist. This video is from a livestream that Raptor did on January 7th.

Gameplay and Discussion from Biomutant
Biomutant is a gorgeously whimsical game that is highly anticipated here at the Post-Apocalyptic Media HQ, and we hope that after watching this video, you’ll see why. The game is said to launch after Q1 2021, so that pegs it just after April. Hopefully we can get our hands on it soon!

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