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The Handmaid’s Tale: See Photos from Tuello’s Gilead Whiteboards

Handmaid's Tale whiteboard

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On Season 4 Episode 7 of The Handmaid’s Tale, June had a meeting with Tuello in his office and we got a glimpse of a whiteboard he’s using to figure out exactly what’s going on in Gilead. Astute Handmaid’s Tale viewers were quick to share screenshots and decode exactly what was on those boards.

See Photos from the Whiteboards


Redditor Dont_want_a_channel shared the above screenshot in a Handmaid’s Tale spoilers subreddit. There’s some interesting information on it about Fred Waterford, Serena Joy Waterford, and even Nick Blaine.

Here’s another photo provided on the same subreddit by u/rekomone that reveals a little more.


Here’s what the copy on the board appears to read, shared in blue font.

For Serena Joy it reads:

  • Betrayed Fred
  • Puts children first
  • Can we use pregnancy?

Beneath her photo you can read:

  • Wife of Fred
  • Political writer
  • Righteous activist
  • Powerfully angry
  • Involved in S.O.J. [Sons of Jacob]
  • Daughter taken with angel flight [this information was incorrect since Nichole went with Emily, not June’s Angel Flight.]
  • How far will she go to get her back

On the spoiler subreddit, viewers aren’t clear if the incorrect information next to Serena’s photo was just a mistake in the props department, or if Tuello has incorrect information.

Is this a mistake or does Tuello have incorrect information? Just a reminder that Nichole was not taken on the plane, she was taken before with Emily. from coconutsandtreason

Below are two more photos of Serena, one with Nichole, and another post-it note that appears to read: “Newly informed of pregnancy. What will this news cause Serena to do. Will she go back to Fred?”

Fred’s information: 

For Fred there are a series of dates next to his photo and above a photo of Fred and Serena together. One date was boxed. These dates are 11/15, 07/15, 01/16, 02/16, [?]/16, 07/16, 02/17 [boxed], 03/17, 04/17, 06/17, 03/18, 0[?]/19

There’s also a newspaper clipping next to Fred’s photo. The headline reads: “Gilead diplomat visits Canada with border security on the agenda.

The sticky note on the newspaper clipping appears to read: “The visit of S&F caused a lot of tension in Toronto. Many people [word] in fear of what this [two words] would do for the future.”

Below Fred’s large photo you can read:

  • Instrumental in Gilead’s …
  • Head of Gilead Council
  • Worked for far right … prof
  • Founder of S.O.J. [this stands for Sons of Jacob. Many viewers believe he’s “a” founder of Sons of Jacob, not “the” founder, or that perhaps Fred lied about how big his role was in the Sons of Jacob.]

The post-it notes on his photo read:

  • In Custody
  • ?
  • What would ….? 

There are additional notes that are hard to read near the bottom of the whiteboard. The note below his photo appears to say:

“06/27/2017 Riots formed after Waterfords visit in Toronto. Govt didn’t issue any statements. What was [words] incentive for the visit. Will there be more?”

And the white article next to the poster that says “A Women’s Place” appears to read:

“Tensions escalate between Canada and Gilead during diplomatic visit. Gileadean diplomat and ‘Sons of Jacob’ Fred Waterford began a visit to Toronto this Wednesday morning, with border security and the possible extradition of Gileadean refugees [words] the issues on the agenda…. The refugee women of Gilead’s ‘Handmaiden.’… Gilead officials have called for the immediate extradition of these women.” 

Nick’s information:

On Nick’s large photo, there’s a post-it note that appears to read “Possitive Alley?” (or “Passive Ally?”) and you can just barely make out the following below the photo:

  • Recruited to S.O.J. [Sons of Jacob] in 2012
  • Born in Detroit
  • Was trusted adviser to Fred before promotion to commander
  • Currently military field commander

Under his ID is something hard to read, but it appears to say something like: “For May 2012 – [Blaine’s past? Blows past?] [four words] … independent of the Sons of Jacob

There are also a few newspaper clippings and other things below his name that are hard to read. One appears to be a poster with the headline “Do God’s Work” with a subhead that reads: “March on Congress 03/16/11 3:00 PM.”

Another newspaper clipping has the headline: “Rebellion in the Midwest. Where War Still Rages…”

There also appears to be a screenshot, perhaps from Facebook, indicating that this played a role in Nick’s recruitment or maybe simply showing a posting or comment that Nick made on social media. The screenshot’s headline says “Show of Strength.” The rest is really difficult to decipher.

These screenshots and the articles on the whiteboard provide a compelling look into Tuello’s investigation and future plans. What do you think they reveal?

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