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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Watch Every Trailer Released So Far

The Handmaid's Tale Season 4

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 premiere date is almost upon us. But as you prepare for the new season, you might want to check out a few minor spoilers. Here’s a look at every trailer released so far, including a Brazilian trailer.

As a quick refresher, Season 3 ended with June succeeding in her plan to help 86 children escape Gilead into Canada. June sacrificed herself to distract the guards so the children could escape, but a guard tailer her into the woods and shot her. The last scene showed her being carried by Handmaids.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4. 

Season 4 Trailer from 2020

Brazilian Trailer

Season 4 Teaser 

We hear a Radio Free America broadcast, reporting on the resistance. It looks like the resistance war is underway.

Season 4 Trailer

This trailer begins at the scene that concluded the teaser shared just above. We see hints of a pretty big fight between June and Lydia, and it looks like Nick will have a much bigger role this season.

June’s Journey

Rita’s Journey

This trailer surprises us with the information that Serena is pregnant, something she’s wanted for a long time, but was never able to achieve. She doesn’t want to tell Fred, however. Rita, meanwhile, is finally free and not under either Serena’s or Fred’s control anymore.

Serena’s Journey

Moira’s Journey

Luke’s Journey

Lydia’s Journey

Emily’s Journey

Janine’s Journey

Fred’s Journey

Trailer #3: Exclusive Clip

Luke’s struggling with June’s decisions in this clip. I’m glad we’ll be seeing a lot of him this season.

Trailer #4: Exclusive Clip in Brazil

This clip gives us a glimpse of the purpose Luke is beginning to find, even without June.

June Attacks Lydia

This clip was shown when Elizabeth Moss was on The Tonight Show, and is from Episode 3 “The Crossing.”

So, this clip means that June gets caught at some point, right? It’s hinted at in quite a  few of the trailers. But I wonder if she allows herself to be caught on purpose.

Another Hulu Clip

The new character shown in this trailer is intriguing. We also saw him in the Janine trailer, helping her learn how to shoot a weapon.

Oscars Trailer

The 30-second Oscar teaser seems to hint that June might find freedom herself at some point this season. We also see what appears to be Beth and Sienna on the roof.

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