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Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War Hits Amazon Prime on July 2

The Tomorrow War

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Chris Pratt’s apocalyptic alien invasion movie The Tomorrow War has suffered through 2020’s pandemic craziness with shifting release dates all year, but a recent trailer reminds us just how excited we should be for this blockbuster film when it releases on July 2.

Originally slotted for Christmas Day of last year, Paramount bumped the movie to a July 23rd release for this year, but then decided to pull the movie altogether. While that usually spells doom for any new movie, the fact that this one stars Chris Pratt means guaranteed success.

So Amazon Studios came along to save the movie in January of this year and got it back on track for the July release.

In the film, Pratt plays Dan Forester, a former Delta-Force-Operator-turned school-teacher that is recruited to fight in a war set 30 years in the future to save humanity. Pratt seems to always do a solid job at saving humanity, so we’re confident that all will turn out OK in this one.

Aside from Pratt, The Tomorrow War will also star The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Yvonne Strahovski, 24‘s Mary Lynn Rajskub, and that guy in those Farmer’s Insurance commercials, J.K. Simmons.

The Tomorrow War hits Amazon Prime exclusively on July 2.

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