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Bruce Campbell is Back Smashing Undead in Black Friday – Watch the Trailer Now!

Bruce Campbell in Black Friday

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Probably the most iconic actor in the realm of undead-killing is Bruce Campbell who has flexed his cult status in the Evil Dead movies since 1981. But now he’s flexing a cardigan and a bowtie for his latest role in Casey Tebo’s Black Friday.

Black Friday is a holiday movie about the most popular shopping day of the year from the perspective of a toy store manager named Jonathan (Campbell) who must fight off a horde of zombies with his employees. To many real-life retail workers, this is exactly what they face on the busiest shopping day of the year ANYWAY, but this one has a huge dose of comedy to help lighten the horror a bit.

So what caused this particular zombie outbreak? According to SyFy: “The culprit behind the ghoulish outbreak is that ol’ B-movie standby: an alien parasite housed within a meteorite that crashes to Earth.”

“When Andy sent me this script, it was such a blast!” Director Casey Tebo told Variety back in September. “It reminded me of some of my favorite holiday horror movies like Gremlins or Krampus. I could see myself running to a midnight showing to see this with other horror fans, and at the same time, I could see my kids watching it at a sleepover with their friends. It’s imaginative, original, scary, fun, and the right bit of ridiculous — and that’s all the things I want to see in a movie!”

Black Friday also stars Devon Sawa (Final Destination), Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth), Ryan Lee (Goosebumps) and Michael Jai White (Spawn). The film releases in theaters on Friday, November 19 just before heading to streaming-on-demand on Tuesday, November 23.


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