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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of May 27-June 2

YouTube Round-up

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Welcome to the obscure side of the internet where I hunt down the latest and greatest post-apocalyptic YouTube videos and compile them here for your viewing pleasure!

This week’s round-up includes a full movie, some gameplay review videos, a post-apocalyptic diorama, the ultimate bug-out shelter, and more!

Ragnorium (2021) – Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Colony Building
Yes, I feature SplatterCat is a lot of these round-ups, but there’s really no one else out there showcasing indie post-apoc games like he does. Ragnorium is a gorgeous colony-building game similar to Surviving the Aftermath but on various planets.

Dust Of War | Full Post-Apocalyptic Action Sci-Fi Movie
This one is a genuine hidden gem. Originally released in 2013, Dust of War is a unique hero story that mixes a classic American frontier tale with that of The Postman or Mad Max. This is the complete movie licensed to the Movie Central YouTube channel.

Shelter War First Impressions
Very similar to Fallout Shelter, Shelter War is a shelter building game that is explored in great detail by HappyCairek who seems to really enjoy the game, although the developers did sponsor his video. Still, it looks like a great game that’s worth checking out.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival / DIY Diorama / Epoxy resin
This diorama was created with The Walking Dead in mind. It’s a scale model of a post-apocalyptic diner being defended against a zombie horde by a group of survivors. The detail and step-by-step techniques are fascinating!

Army of the Dead Being Devoid of Logic
First off, if you haven’t yet seen Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, you’ll want to skip this video because it contains some big spoilers. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, but I always appreciate when people with opposing views can make a good point. This one focuses on the illogical moments in a fictional movie about zombies, so keep that in mind. And if you can’t get enough of these spoiler-ific Army of the Dead breakdowns, Looper also has a great one about love, zombie style.

The Cyberhouse: An $865,000 Doomsday Bunker
Elon Musk has said a couple times now that he wants Tesla to be the leader in “Apocalypse Technology,” which we’re totally cool with. But Russian architect Alex Whizevsky wants to be the first to design a luxury doomsday bunker that plays off of Musk’s Cybertruck design to provide “maximum utility, protection and comfort to the owners.” And the Cyberhouse is born!

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