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Y: The Last Man Confirmed for September Release on Hulu

Y: The Last Man

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The long-awaited adaptation of Y: The Last Man has been confirmed as an FX exclusive through Hulu launching on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Originally announced back in 2007 as a movie from New Line Cinema, and then in 2015 as a TV adaptation of the DC comic series, Y: The Last Man tells the story of a young man and his pet monkey who are believed to be the last remaining male mammals on Earth thanks to a cataclysmic event that wiped out everything with a Y chromosome.

“The new world order of women will explore gender, race, class and survival,” according to FX.

The series has suffered through a few line-up changes during development, starting with writers Michael Green and Aida Mashaka Croal who left in 2019 due to creative differences. Writer Eliza Clark took over and has been confirmed for at least the first two episodes.

The lead character of Yorick was also shuffled from Barry Keoghan to Ben Schnetzer while Yorick’s iconic pet money, Ampersand, went from real monkey to CGI monkey after some heat from PETA.

If you have yet to read the comic series, you still have time! The original series was published as 60 issues (10 issues with 6 per paperback) from Vertigo from 2022 to 2008 and are currently compiled as a re-release into five hardcover volumes. An omnibus was also released in 2019 that covers all 60 issues.

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