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Who Died on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5

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If you watched Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5, then you witnessed quite a few deaths. The episode was absolutely phenomenal, but it was also terribly brutal. Here’s a look at who died and who survived on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5.

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This article will have major spoilers for Season 4 Episode 5, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

First, let’s get one important point out of the way: this was an astounding episode. From the continued deep dive into propaganda to Eren’s long talk with Reiner, the episode flew by and I couldn’t believe when it ended. And then we saw Eren’s transformation, and we knew it had to happen — but the costs of war are always going to be very, very high. As Attack on Titan always reminds us: life is cruel.

Here’s who faced the brunt of the cruelty on Episode 5.

Everyone in the Apartments Above Reiner Died

Sadly, everyone in the floors above where Eren and Reiner met likely died. Eren specifically pointed out to Reiner that there were a lot of Eldiens watching Willy’s big announcement directly above them from their homes. All those innocent people likely died when Eren transformed. But Willy had just declared war on Paradis, and this was Eren’s response. War is terrible, and innocent people often get caught in the crossfire. 🙁

It’s Not Clear if Willy Died or Lived

Willy Tybur looks like he’s fast approaching death as the episode ends, but that’s a cliffhanger that won’t be answered until next week. It sure looks like Eren is on the fast track to eating Willy, the way he is holding Willy above his open mouth. Now, it’s possible that if Willy has the Warhammer Titan, then he will transform just before Eren can eat him. But if the Warhammer Titan is with someone else who can’t transform fast enough to save Willy, then Willy is dead.

WARNING: Minor episode 6 spoiler below from the trailer: 

If you watch the trailer for Episode 6, Eren has blood coming out of the corner of his mouth, likely indicating that he ate someone. Some people think this is from Willy, but it’s not known for certain if that’s the case.

It’s Not Clear if Reiner & Falco Died or Lived, But They Likely Lived

I’m going to be that Reiner and Falco didn’t die, based on Reiner’s quick response to shield Falco when he realized that Eren was about to transform. We don’t know this for certain, but I can’t picture people as integral to the story as Reiner and Falco just dying off screen like that. But I’ve been wrong in my predictions about this show before (which is one of the reasons why I like this show so very much.)

A Random Man Was Hit By a Rock

Man Hit By Rock
Attack on Titan

Right when Eren transforms and we keep getting shots of the shocked people in the audience, watch the man right behind him. A boulder crashes from the rubble of Eren’s emergence and hits a man square in the head, killing him. (On Reddit, one person said that someone died similarly in Episode 1 when the walls were broken.)

It’s likely that this is just an example of more people who died by the same means, so we’ll never exactly how many people died when Eren transformed. But quite a few Eldians died, along with people in the audience from countries all over the world.

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