Wasteland Weekend Releases Easy-Mode Beginner’s Guide in Time for 2021 Event

Wasteland Weekend

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Wasteland Weekend 2021 starts in less than a month so it’s crunch time for getting those costumes, camps, and cars finished in time. But for those of you who are brand new to the California post-apocalyptic event, you might still have some questions about how everything works.

Luckily, the powers-that-be just released a beginner’s guide to doing Wasteland Weekend the easy way!

What do they mean the “easy” way? Well, for one, it’s important to realize that you don’t have to do everything your first year. This guide is meant to help those who may feel anxious or overwhelmed by everything there is to do at the event, while reminding everyone of the basics.

Examples include the fact that you don’t need to have a cool wasteland car your first year and you don’t need to have a themed campsite. While having a decked-out costume worthy of a Hollywood movie is a great goal, you don’t even have to do that your first year, either.

“Wear some earth tones. Skip the blue jeans and wear some brown or black pants/shorts/skirt instead,” the guide suggests. “Cut/rip holes in your clothes. Make it dirty (brown and black paint rubbed on with your hands, brushed on, or spattered can work well). You don’t need to win the costume contest, you just need to not ruin the sense of immersion by looking like you’re wearing regular, modern, clean clothes.”

The guide also covers social media links for the event to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, rules, safety tips, and a general idea of what to expect from your time in the middle of Mojave Desert.

“Since we are a FAKE post-apocalyptic, Hollywood-style Mad Max party and not the REAL apocalypse, we DO have a bunch of rules. But we think they’re pretty reasonable and won’t impact your ability to have a mind-blowing great time in an immersive make-believe world.

Be sure to read through the entire beginner’s guide for complete details and check out a few videos to get you fired up for what’s to come.

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