Wasteland Weekend is Back for 2021: Vaccines Now Required

Wasteland Weekend

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Wasteland Weekend, California’s gigantic full immersion post-apocalyptic event, has announced that its 2021 event is a go!

After the COVID-19 pandemic caused last year’s event to be cancelled, the show will go on once again with a few changes to accommodate the times. One of these is a new requirement involving vaccinations.

Attendees Must Be Vaccinated

The event is BACK!

Most importantly, all attendees will be REQUIRED to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and show proof of vaccination before entering the property.

“We expect that there would be some who don’t like this decision,” the website declares. “We think it’s the best way to keep everyone safe at our event. You are welcome to disagree and stay home or do something else with your time. We won’t take it personally.”

The organizers also note that they expect the 2022 event to require vaccination as well, with a close eye on the whole global pandemic situation for future events.

This is exciting news after Wasteland Weekend was canceled in 2020. Last year, they offered a patch celebrating the event itself for 2020 ticket buyers or people who bought a 2020 ticket for the 2021 event.

IBM’s Digital Health Pass Will Be One Way to Show Proof of Vaccination Without Exposing Personal Information

One way in which proof of vaccination will be accessed is through IBM’s Digital Health Pass that will allow the Wasteland Weekend organizers to set their own criteria for allowing access to their event(s). This allows verification of said criteria without exposing sensitive personal info to the event staff.

While most attendees wear masks to the event anyway, a mask requirement is still not set in stone as it depends on what the State of California deems necessary in the next five months. The state has already announced that everyone in the state over the age of 16 will be eligible for the vaccine and officials plan to fully reopen the state’s economy by June 15.

Wasteland Weekend will be held from September 22 through September 26 of this year and tickets are now on sale.

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