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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 9: Trailers Reveal Major Storylines

The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 9

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Last week’s episode of The Handmaid’s Tale showed that anger was a powerful motivator, but at the same time, Serena isn’t ready to back down. Now fans can’t wait to see what happens next on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 9 on late Tuesday night or Wednesday. The official Hulu trailer and the secret trailer from Israel have both released, so we have some spoilers and ideas on what to expect in the story below.

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The New Episode Is Called ‘Progress’

The next episode is called Progress. The official synopsis for Season 4 Episode 9, released by Hulu, reads: “June and Luke work together to save Hannah, reaching out to Lawrence and Nick for help. Serena and Fred greet unexpected visitors from Gilead. Janine tries to assist Aunt Lydia when a Handmaid-in-training goes on a hunger strike at the Red Center.”

I’m glad to hear that June and Luke are working together now as a team, but I’m wondering just what will happen when June and Nick see each other again. And who are the unexpected visitors from Gilead that Serena and Fred meet up with?

Hulu’s Trailer

First, here’s the official trailer from Hulu.

First, we see June reaching out to Lawrence about Hannah, and Lawrence encouraging her to let it go and be grateful with being free. “Move on,” he encourages her.

Then we see Serena warning Fred that “Gilead could come for our son.” “They think the baby belongs to the state,” she tells him.

So it’s interesting… We see both Serena and June being concerned about their babies belonging to Gilead. But I’m unclear why Serena’s worried, since I can’t really picture Canada handing a baby back over to Gilead.

What I am worried about, though, is June agreeing to turn herself back in to Gilead in exchange for Hannah’s freedom.

And then we finally see what happened to Esther Keyes. Apparently they are working on turning her into a Handmaid. 🙁

And Nick and June are finally going to reunite again!

The Israeli Trailer Reveals More

As always, the trailer released in Israel that was not released in the U.S. reveals more about the plot.


In this trailer, we see Fred realizing for the first time that Gilead isn’t even negotiating on his behalf, apparently. We also see Lawrence offering to give June Hannah if she will turn over 10 of the kids that she flew out of Gilead. Obviously that can’t happen or June will look like a monster in the eyes of the people of Canada. And it turns out that Luke is the one who recommends June meet with Nick about Hannah!

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