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The Edge of Sleep TV Show Spoilers: See Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The Edge of Sleep TV Series

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Markiplier’s The Edge of Sleep TV show is slowly edging its way to being ready for viewing. Filming has finished for the new series, which is based on the popular podcast, and fans have been sharing some behind-the-scenes photos that they were able to take while it was being made in Canada.

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Filming Concluded in Mid-June


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Markiplier shared in an Instagram post on June 17 that filming was finished. He wrote: “Stuck next to this nerd on the way home @liotipton …it’s gonna be a long flight…  Oh also we’re done filming The Edge of Sleep!”


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On June 12, he shared a picture Franz Drameh and wrote: “The Matteo to my Dave! Star of The Edge of Matteo @officialfranzd ! Was an absolute pleasure to work with you and learn from you. Here we are nearly collapsing from exhaustion after wrapping the show at around 4am. Please show Franz all the love in the world for bringing Matteo to life!!”

Drameh is a great addition to the TV series. He’s also currently starring as Boots on See, another post-apocalyptic series. He’s Jefferson on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and has many other credits to his name.

According to IMDb, Markiplier will be portraying Dave Torres in the series, Lio Tipton will be Katie Dowd, Patti Allan will be Ruth Nelson, and Eve Harlow will also be starring.

Here Are More Behind-the-Scenes Photos & Videos

On Twitter, @KoopmanSie shared this behind-the-scenes video when they were filming in his town in Canada.

On Reddit, u/IHeartPenguins0 shared this photo when they met Markiplier while he was filming Edge of Sleep.

I recently met Mark when he was filming Edge of Sleep! from Markiplier

IHeartPenguins0 wrote: “I kept thinking, “I want to ask for a photo, but I don’t want to bother him!” I’m glad I did approach him, because I would’ve regretted not trying. He was really nice and made me feel at ease.”

They shared that the photo was taken in Canada in the province of BC, and added: “I actually used to live in that neighborhood, so it was crazy to see a film crew there. I read a notice about traffic detours due to filming, so I went down to check it out. It made no mention of what the production was or who would be there. Imagine my surprise when I saw him!”

The scene they were filming at the time was focus on Linda and Mateo.

Later, IHeartPenguins0 shared more photos from the filming which you can see in the link or below.


Unfortunately, we don’t know yet when the TV series is going to premiere or on what streaming service. Some fans are guessing late 2021 or early 2022, but an official estimate hasn’t yet been shared.

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