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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Analysis – Our Answer to Everything


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Well, it looks like we’ll need to wait a bit longer to find out why Melanie was left behind at the end of episode 6, but episode 7 spent its 45 minutes going back to tie up a bunch of loose ends that happened on the train while we watched Melanie play in the snow.

Warning! This post contains major spoilers for Season 2, Episode 7.

“Our Answer to Everything” is this episode’s title, as explained by Bess Till to be the violence plaguing the train. Why does violence always end up being the answer to everything? That’s exactly what she plans to find out as she continues her investigation into the murders of eight Breachmen as seen on episode 5.

Till’s Investigation
When those murders happened, I couldn’t figure out if they were done by one person or multiple people simultaneously. Turns out is was multiple people, which means there were at least 8 people on Snowpiercer willing to murder their fellow passengers in the name of Wilford. Gross.

One thing Till discovered at one of the crime scenes was a small red “W” button, later found to be from a vintage jacket. Red is a very common theme with Wilford, as we saw at the end.

After some careful investigation, two major plot points were discovered by Till here. First, there are a whole lot more than only 8 people on Snowpiercer rooting for Wilford, and second, these people have been given red lanterns as some kind of secret show of support.

Till and Layton confront Eugenia about her role in the murders, only to find out that she was actually one of the murderers. “Oh, you’re in so deep, detective, you can’t even see what’s in front of you,” Eugenia says, fondling a necklace she has seen before on Pastor Logan.

When Till confronted the Pastor, she discovered that he was behind the whole thing. The Pastor was the mole on Snowpiercer all along and he’s not going to let her take him alive. His suicide-by-outside-air attempt was stopped by Till, but I don’t think his half-frozen face made it through the attempt. This is Snowpiercer, though, so who knows.

The uprising against the tailies continues as the rest of the passengers believe that the tailies were the ones who killed the Breachmen, and Layton is faced with a crazy situation where he offers his own arm as a frozen sacrifice to spare Pike’s.

Of course, Layton doesn’t lose his arm, but we see a genuinely impressive depth of character from Ruth through all of this when she discovers more and more that blindly following Wilford was not exactly a great idea. I think we’ll see some really strong rebellion from Ruth soon. (And I can’t wait!)

Audrey’s Stockholm Syndrome
Miss Audrey’s role in this episode was… interesting. We saw before that she made the decision to stay behind with Wilford when the offer was made to allow her back on to Snowpiercer (twice), but we weren’t sure if she was doing that to gain more ground in her espionage plan, or if she’s really honestly falling for the man again.

This episode seemed to cement the latter as we see her not only swear to Wilford that she’s 100% on his side after he confronted her about her spy plans, but she also seemed to really enjoy the whole psychological warfare trip she did on Kevin at Wilford’s request.

Yes! Kevin’s not dead! That was probably the biggest surprise of the episode, am I right?

But I say Kevin may as well be dead after Audrey’s done with him. She breaks the poor man down so far that he’s licking Wilford’s slipper at the end of it. I bet they don’t taste like chicken wings.

Alex is drifting further and further away
We see Alex’s continued trend of distance from Wilford in this episode as she realizes more and more that the man is a psychotic narcissist.

I still feel like she’s going to eventually join forces with Melanie to take Wilford down, but she still has a long way to go. She’s just starting to really understand that he’s manipulative and cruel, and their savior/saved relationship can’t last much longer.

That ending, tho
In one of the most beautiful scenes we’ve had on this show, Snowpiercer descends down this wild corkscrew spiral track, allowing us to see just how magnificently grand this train really is.

Snowpiercer Spiral

But what’s that? The train seems to be lit up with red lights. Where are all of those red lights coming from…. wait! Could those possibly be the same red lanterns given to passengers to show their support for Wilford? Are they, perhaps, coordinating some kind of event that lets the entire train (and Wilford) know that those on Team Wilford are not to be trifled with?

The smile on Wilford’s face says yes. Score one for the old bean (get it?!) in a strange twist that seems to put Wilford at the top of the popularity charts as Layton continues to drop lower.

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