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Reset Earth: Save the Ozone Layer in New Mobile Game Created by the UN

Reset Earth

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Would you be more interested in saving the environment if there was a video game about it? That’s what The United Nations is aiming for with its newly announced mobile game Reset Earth.

The single-player platformer is set in a ruined Earth circa 2084, where a disease known as GROW has taken over. Your goal is to help save the ozone layer through a series of challenging puzzles that will also teach you a bit about environmental history.

The game’s launch is timed in conjunction with a new animated movie of the same name. The film follows the lives of three teenagers, Knox, Sagan, and Terran, who set out to save themselves and the world.

“The protection of the ozone layer cannot be considered a done deal,” said Meg Seki, executive secretary of the Ozone Secretariat. “It must be a continuous effort by us and by future generations. If our children learn about the grim consequences of a ruined ozone layer through a fantasy cartoon and game app, they will be aware of its importance and protect it.”

The Reset Earth game is set to launch on February 10th for both the App Store and Google Play. The animated short film Reset Earth is currently available for free on YouTube.

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