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Matthew Fox to Star in Apocalyptic Last Light on Peacock

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Peacock, the online streaming arm of NBC Networks, recently announced the new 5-episode limited series Last Light, starring and executive produced by Matthew Fox in his return to television. Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Dr. Jack Shephard in LOST, Fox has not had a recurring role on TV since that series ended in 2010.

In Last Light, Petro-chemist Andy Nielsen, played by Fox, knows how dependent the world is on oil; if something were to happen to the world’s oil supply, it would set off a chain reaction: transportation would grind to a halt, supplies would cease to be delivered, law enforcement would be overwhelmed. While on a business trip to the Middle East, Andy realizes that his worst fears are coming true and his family is separated at this crucial moment. His teenage daughter, Laura, is alone at home in London while his wife, Elena, and young son, Sam, are in Paris. Amid this chaos, each family member will sacrifice everything to find one another, despite the distance and the dangers that separate them.

The series is based on a novel of the same name by Alex Scarrow, which makes the story sound even more apocalyptic when rising chaos, riots, raging fires, looting, rape, and murder spiral out of control as the world’s oil supplies are cut off.

Five episodes does not sound like a lot of time for characters spread out around half the world to find each other, but with a seasoned television veteran like Fox at the helm, I still have high hopes for the show. And I’m also hoping that the show features those more apocalyptic scenarios that are described in the book.

The press release does not specificy which tier of Peacock plan you’ll need to watch Last Light. But “Exclusive Peacock Original Series” is included in the plan details for the Peacock Premium plan, so it’s possible you’ll need to shell out at least $5 per month to watch it, or $10 per month if you want to avoid any commercial interruptions.

If you don’t have cable, or some other way to access NBC shows, then a Peacock subscription would also get you access to the quasi-apocalyptic La Brea, which looks great and premieres this week.

Shooting on Last Light is said to have already begun, which hopefully that means an early 2022 release.

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