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Is a Firefly Reboot Happening? A Look Inside Those Revival Rumors

Firefly Reboot

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Rumors are circulating that a Firefly reboot may be in the works. A Firefly revival is a long-awaited dream of post-apocalyptic fans, but can we trust the rumor? Fans are divided about it. Here’s a look at where the rumor started and what we know so far.

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Here’s What We Know About the Reboot Rumor & What We Don’t Know

The rumor started based on an exclusive story from Giant Freakin Robot. The article notes that the author, Liana Keane, has an unnamed source telling them that Disney is in “early development” of a reboot, which is why nothing was announced on Investor Day for Disney+. On Investor Day, the new streaming service announced numerous new shows in both the Star Wars and Marvel universes. The author notes that with movie theaters hit so hard by the pandemic, Disney would like to draw more viewers to its streaming platform with hits like Firefly.

According to the article, the new series would start everything over from the beginning, seeking to make this a long-running series while keeping it family-friendly. The author notes that their source said it will be a PG-adventure, not PG-13, but couldn’t confirm if Joss Whedon would be involved.

The author, Liana Keane, does not have a bio on Giant Freakin Robot, unfortunately. When she wrote a story about Star Trek 4 being canceled, one person replied, “You can’t find her online other than this site. No bio, no social media.”

Although she doesn’t have a bio page at this time, she does have a photo on Giant Freakin Robot’s About Us page. The site was founded in 2008 and just relaunched in 2020, according to its About Us page. Since it’s a new website, they likely just haven’t added bios for their writers yet.

It’s worth noting that the Disney+ subreddit’s moderators removed the story when it was submitted.


One person commented that while it would be cool if true, they were concerned about the family friendly audience changing the formula too much. But another commented on how great The Mandalorian has been, so that likely won’t be too big of a concern.

Two other readers said they doubted the story.


In the Firefly subreddit, people were skeptical there too.

There Are Other Reasons to be Optimistic

There are other reasons to be optimistic. In an interview with the Darkest Timeline Podcast (around 23 minutes into the video below), Nathan Fillion said that he’d love a reboot that involved the classic cast and added in some younger faces.

And Michael Thorn, Fox’s President of Entertainment, said in January 2020 that he’s a fan of the show and would love to bring it back, The Wrap reported.

So in summary: fans are excited but also skeptical about the news, since the source of the rumor was not named. Probably the best move is to be skeptical, but optimistic if it happens, since we have cast and other executives saying that they’d love to see a reboot. It certainly would be logical for Disney to bring the show back, since it would draw a lot of people to its streaming platform. But with no official word from actors or Whedon, there’s just no confirmation yet that it’s happening.

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