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How to Get Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 9 or 10 to Play on Hulu

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If you’re used to watching Attack on Titan on Hulu, you might notice that Season 4 Episode 9 or 10 aren’t showing up on the episode list. If either of these are missing for you, here’s how to access the episodes.

Here's how to get #AttackonTitan Season 4 Episode 10 to play on Hulu if it's missing for you. Share on X

How to Get Episode 9 or 10 to Appear on Hulu

All you have to do is go to Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 on Hulu, jump ahead to the very end, and then click on the prompt to play the next episode. Or just let the new episode automatically play when Episode 8 ends. This is the workaround to get Episode 9 to play if it doesn’t show up on your episode list. Hulu had some kind of glitch for some users who could get it to play.

If Episode 10 doesn’t play or appear on your list of new episodes, you’ll just need to do the same thing, only going to the end of Episode 9 and letting Hulu automatically play the next episode.

Other Sources for Watching Attack on Titan Online

There are also other places you can go to watch Attack on Titan.

One of the best sources is Funimation, which released the new episode today before Hulu or Crunchyroll. Just go here to see the latest Season 4 episodes of Attack on Titan on Funimation. You’ll likely need an inexpensive paid account to watch the episodes, or a free account if you don’t mind watching them a week later. (Post Apocalyptic Media may earn an affiliate commission if you sign up for Funimation on this page.)

Crunchyroll is another great source, although this time around Crunchyroll’s episode was a little late too. Season 4 Episode 9 (sub) is here (and it will be listed as Episode 68.)

Note: At Post Apocalyptic Media, we prefer to promote legal streaming so the creators and all the people involved can make money off the episodes. They’re so talented that we really want them to benefit from our views, so they can have an accurate count of how many watch the episodes. This also helps with getting approvals for renewing the show for extra seasons if needed. 🙂

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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