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In Hope, we meet seventeen year old Juniper Mikah, and the world she lives in. Humans now live underground, 300 years after a nuclear world war. Juniper is set to spend six months in Discov […]
Check out multiple series in the post apocalyptic genre. There's the Zournal series which is a tongue in cheek journal kept by a man slogging his way through an apocalypse. There's Zombie […]
After a catastrophic global war, a young filmmaker awakens in the carnage and seeks refuge in the only other survivor: an eccentric, ideologically opposed figure of the United States milita […]
A post-apocalypse nuclear-winter science-fiction grim-fantasy novel set in Canada dealing with indigenous themes and what it means to truly be Canadian. Dealing with aliens, ancient civiliz […]
The End is here - as biblical as hell itself👹 'The Sin Collector: Repentless' is an indie game based in a world after the biblical apocalypse where the Heavens sends its Sin Collec […]
When the country descends into chaos, how far will you go to survive? No news. No emergency services. And the governor just fled the state. When Riley Armstrong's father comes home early […]