The Game Awards 2018: post-apocalyptic games

Four Post-Apocalyptic Games Announced During The Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards just happened last night, and we are really excited about the post-apocalyptic games (and post-apoc-like games) that were announced. … 0 65
News, Survival

Having a Cold in the Apocalypse Would Be Awful. These Natural Remedies Might Help.

I’ve had a cold or flu or something awful for a week-and-a-half, and as I’ve survived off plentiful dosages of … 0 86
a deformed pip boy is growing weird facial hairs and has pimples
Fallout, Games

Let’s Be Honest; Fallout 76 is Still in Beta

Now before you call me ‘fake news’, I want to clarify – Fallout 76 has been released and is being … 0 142
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead, TV Shows

If You Quit The Walking Dead, It’s Time To Start Watching Again

A lot of people quit The Walking Dead. The series enjoyed its second-largest audience ever with the Season 7 premiere … 0 99
Daryl and Dog
The Walking Dead, TV Shows

Daryl & Dog on The Walking Dead: Here’s to the Best TWD Couple Ever

Tonight, on The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7, I met my new favorite character in the world: Dog. Yes, … 0 131
a group of survivors stand over a gorge fallout 76 primer getting started in the best way possible
Fallout, Fallout

Fallout 76 Primer: Getting started in the best way possible

Ok, so you’ve decided to play Fallout 76 and now you’re wondering if there’s anything to do to prepare. Well … 0 252
Guides, Other

10 Last Minute Post-Apocalyptic Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

Christmas is coming and all through the house, all the keyboards are stirring, including your mouse. The stockings were hung … 0 4629
a man in vault suit shout shut up and take my bottlecaps
Fallout, Featured, Games

Fallout Merch For True Fans

Do you love Fallout? Do you have money? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some of the … 0 297
Movies, The Walking Dead, TV Shows

I Am So Excited About The Idea of a Walking Dead Time Jump, But Conflicted About Rick Grimes Movies

WARNING: This post has spoilers for Season 9 Episode 5, called Rick’s Final Episode. I can’t even begin to tell you … 0 173

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