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Hours Before The 100 Premieres, Fans Wonder: ‘Where Is Bellamy?’

Hours before the Season 7 premiere of The 100, fans have taken to Twitter and other social media accounts to … 0 198
News, TV Shows

Snowpiercer: What to Expect from TNT’s New Series

The latest iteration of Snowpiercer premieres on TNT tonight (May 17th), and I think it’s safe to say that fans … 0 122
Black Summer zombie
Black Summer, TV Shows

Black Summer Revisit: Why This Netflix Series Polarizes Zombie Fans

One of my favorite parts about not being up-to-date on the latest Netflix shows is that moment when I describe … 0 186
Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath Game Review: What You Need to Know Before Launch

One of my favorite aspects of a theoretical and fantastical apocalypse is the idea of scavenging to survive. I do … 0 184
How Long Until 2020 Is Over

How Long Until 2020 Is Over? Live Countdown to 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been kind to us. It’s pretty much the closest this world has come to an … 0 374

NYC Sends Emergency Alert Asking for Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

NYC and other regions are sending out emergency alerts asking for help.0 269
Wasteland 3
Games, News

Wasteland 3 Dev Diaries Show Off New Combat, Vehicles, and God-President Reagan

Wasteland 3 developer InXile Entertainment dropped a double-shot of the post-apocalyptic threequel’s Dev Diaries this week with more details on … 0 81

Giant Asteroid PZ39 Won’t Be Earth’s 2020 Apocalypse

If the novel coronavirus wasn’t enough to give you a desire to prep for doomsday, news has just started circulating … 0 1064
Live Doomsday Clock

Live Doomsday Clock Online: Watch How Close We Are to the End of the World

The Doomsday Clock is updating again. It’s time for experts to predict if we’re closer to the end of the … 0 678

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