Where is CBS Salvation S02E03?

When Is Salvation Season 2 Episode 3 Airing? Why Are Trump & NCIS on Instead?

If you’re tuning in to watch Salvation on CBS tonight, then you’re in for a big disappointment (but it’s only … 0 55
The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu)
The Handmaid's Tale, TV Shows

The Handmaid’s Tale Map: A Look at Gilead vs the United States in Season 2

We’re just nearing the end of Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale, but we have a better idea now what … 0 210
12 Monkeys, TV Shows

12 Monkeys Season 4 Recap & Review: In Episodes 4-6, Family & Philosophy Matters Near the End

12 Monkeys continues its final season with Episodes 4-6. Join us as we dive into an in-depth recap and review. Note: … 0 123
a man watches meteors destroy a city
Books, Movies, TV Shows

What Got You Hooked on the Post Apocalypse? Meet the Winners of ‘Days Too Dark’

If you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic book or film these summer months, look no further than the suggestions from some … 0 154
12 Monkeys, TV Shows

12 Monkeys Season 4 Recap & Review: The First 3 Episodes Will Leave You Wanting More

No devoted follower of 12 Monkeys  should be surprised the series isn’t going down easy. In fact, if the first … 1 287
Books, Featured

Tell Us What Got You Hooked on the Post Apocalypse & Win ‘Days Too Dark’!

Want to win a copy of an AMAZING post-apocalyptic book? Read on for details!  We’re giving away three free copies … 0 197
RIP Bellarke?
The 100, TV Shows

RIP Bellarke: Is Bellarke Dead Forever? Take Our Poll

So… Did we just watch Bellarke officially die on Season 5 Episode 9? Some fans are kind of thinking we … 0 46
fallout beta sign up
Fallout, Games

How To Sign Up for Fallout 76 Beta: Is Bethesda Net Down?

If you’re like us, then you’ve been rushing to sign up for that Fallout 76 Beta (and yes it looks … 1 284
Fallout, Games

Surprise Fallout 76 Trailer Airs During Microsoft E3 Event: See Photos & Video Here

OH MY GOSH. We heard the news about Halo Infinite, another post-apoc game we are so excited about, and ran … 0 146

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