Looking for a good post-apocalyptic TV show or movie to keep you entertained? Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites! (Note: The pics are all linked from Amazon, so you’ll have to turn off Adblock for this page to see the photos!) 

TV Shows

The following shows are no longer airing… But they’d be great to catch up on or binge watch!

Jericho is one of the all-time best post-apocalyptic TV shows. It was canceled after two season, but a rally from fans got it a fourth and final season. Check out what all the hype is about!

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Don’t go into Jeremiah expecting Babylon 5-quality writing from its creator, J. Michael Straczynski. This one has promise, but it doesn’t deliver on the level of Jericho. You’ll have to suspend disbelief a few times and add an extra measure of sympathy for Luke Perry’s emo character. But it’s still entertaining.

This action-packed show by J.J. Abrams was just recently cancelled, much to our sadness. It’s all post-apoc, with grittiness, drama and darkness. But it’s also got a healthy measure of sci-fi coolness mixed in.

This is our all-time FAVORITE post-apoc TV series! Helmed by Ron Moore, this show will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. It’s not set on Earth, but we’re not holding that against it.

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Here’s a sampling of our most favorite post-apoc movies…

Will Smith and a German Shepherd fight zombies in a post-apoc world. GREAT combination. But be sure and watch the alternate ending for a  better conclusion.

Nice & gritty. Doesn’t pull any punches. And it stars Denzel Washington!

One of the newest additions to the genre! It’s dark. REALLY dark. So prepare yourself before you dive in.

A father and his son struggle to survive in the post-apoc world. You really don’t want to miss this one.

This old classic was made in 1983 and stirred quite the controversy. It also terrified children everywhere! Starring Dennis Quaid.

Post apoc meets sci-fi meets mind-bending thriller. Starring Bruce Willis.

Because what list of post-apoc movies would be complete without this Mel Gibson classic?

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