Our mission is to introduce you to great Post Apocalyptic news and media in the form of announcements, trailers, and reviews of all the latest movies, tv shows, games, books, events... pretty much anything post-apocalyptic that we dig. And some stuff we don't dig.

On a few topics that we really get into, you can expect in-depth analysis. That includes current shows like Game of Thrones and Adventure Time and The 100 and The Walking Dead and Colony.. (The list goes on. We watch a LOT of TV.) But also some series that aren't new but are still important in this genre. It has never been easier to dig into the classics - and we intend to do just that.

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Do you only write about the Post Apocalyptic genre?

Mostly. But we also include a select few from the pre apocalyptic genre as well. Pretty much anything involving species survival, mass extinction, or the-end-of-the-world. We chose to do this because drawing the distinction between the two can get complicated. Take, for instance, Terminator 1, 2, 3 and Genisys. Do they take place in the pre-apocalyptic world where the future apocalypse is certain, or do they take place in a post-apocalyptic world where time travel is being used as a tactical maneuver?

This is a genre with some of the best, most outside the box creators. We get every shade of that complication from shows like Adventure Time which occur a long time after but before mankind has recovered, to 12 Monkeys which is 50% Post and 50% Pre, to Ender's Game where mankind didn't exactly shatter, but is seriously shaken.

Some series get to the post-apocalypse, but introduce you to lead characters first. So here is our rule: If it looks like the fabric of society is or will soon be unraveling - we might write about it.

Oh, and one more thing. We're going to write about being prepared for the bomb. Because knowing is half the battle.

How do you make money?

Mostly from the advertisements we show from Google and Amazon. If one of our Amazon affiliate products looks like something good - just go ahead and buy it. You know you want to. I'll help us pay the bills because Amazon gives us a percentage as a referral. So go to town. It'll help us stay afloat. Seriously.

Who Started This?

Derek and Stephanie Dwilson are licensed attorneys in the state of Texas. In 2014, they realized that something big was going on in the genre of post apocalyptic. It was exploding with great new content. Because they love that genre, this made them very happy. But what didn't make them happy was when they missed out on great PA stuff.  So they started Post Apocalyptic Media as a way to help themselves and the community keep up with the best media in the genre.

Derek and Stephanie met in law school at the University of Texas and married shortly thereafter.

Writer Bios

derek and steph at ghost in the shell wearing 3d goggles

Derek Dwilson

I remember playing the first Fallout game on PC at age 14 and thinking to myself - this is it. I've finally found an RPG that feels like my choices matter. I loved it. But Fallout did something more. It made me really think about nuclear weaponry and the havoc it could wreak on the planet. Nuclear winter, radiation poisoning, mutations, extinctions.. Heck, if the wrong two countries start duking it out, the human race could quickly end itself. (Not to mention that the sun can send solar flares that could fry our computers. And the government has said that 3 nukes could set our whole electrical grid back 10 years like a national EMP.) Ever since, I've been a huge fan of the post apocalyptic genre.

I'm also a (super-low-budget) pepper. Did you know that some people thought Orson Well's radio production of War of the Worlds was actually a Breaking News Report? Even stranger, a few of the people who thought aliens were invading decided to go out and KILL themselves.  Incredible, right?  Rather than stay and help us fight for humanity (or try to see an alien) - they just checked out. It's crazy, but some people actually feel that way. I've even had people tell me they would rather go in the nuclear blast than fight to survive in the PA world. But I don't see it that way. Survival means that you can change the world. What if you had a hand in rebuilding society? You could write books that everyone would read, because books wouldn't be coming out very often. Everything would be different. And I'd like to be a part of that. So I say blessed are the preppers, for they shall inherit the earth.

Stephanie Dwilson

I loved sci-fi pretty much my entire life. I can still remember watching "Starman" the TV series when I was little and wishing I could meet an alien. (Yep, I just dated myself, haha!) Science fiction and the science behind it always appealed to me. And the post-apocalyptic genre in particular has always been very fascinating. I've written quite a few novels (none published yet), and one of the first was a post-apocalyptic young adult novel with several main characters, a no man's nuclear waste land, and a girl who could either save the last bit of society or destroy it. Before that, when I was even younger, I wrote a novel about mutants trying to stop the apocalypse. So yeah, I've always loved this stuff!

Stephanie Redhair

One of my absolute favorite TV shows of all time was Battlestar Galactica (minus that finale). I loved the constant fight for survival, the intrigue, and the "grey" characters who were part good, part bad. It's one of the few series I've watched multiple times. I also loved LOST for similar reasons. When they were stranded on that beach and had to learn to survive, it really had a post-apocalyptic feel. At the time, I had a different blog where I wrote about LOST theories constantly. It got really popular, to the tune of 30,000+ readers a day. Then I went to law school and dropped all that momentum. But that "bug" for writing online about survival shows is still in me. And that's a big reason I helped start Post Apocalyptic Media. 🙂 I love having fellow fans that I can talk and theorize with.


Todd Olsen

My name is Todd Olsen, I'm a teacher in Boston, Massachusetts but I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  When I'm not hunting down post-apocalyptic fiction i'm spending time with my wife and baby Crosby, traveling vehemently, playing hockey and soccer, hanging with my friends, hiking with my dogs and riding/repairing motorcycles.

My obsession with post-apocalyptic tales started in 1994 when I was lucky enough to catch Steven King's The Stand on TV when I was in middle school.  Throw in Terminator 2, Outbreak, etc. during my formative years and my obsession began.  I really got into film in college and really got hooked after seeing 28 Days Later, Children of Men, I am Legend, etc.  My obsession shifted to books after reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road in 2006.  Since then it's been a great time searching new books, movies and TV shows to satiate my thirst for the end of days.

Maria Foss

I live in upstate New York with my husband and daughter. By day I work as a Family Court Clerk assisting the public with routine and emergency issues. By night, I roam the internet, reading, writing, blogging and chatting. 


I am generally acquainted with the post apocalyptic fiction, time travel, alternative universe and near-future sci-fi genres. I am currently an administrator of fan site “Addicts of the 12 Monkeys” on Facebook and a “Sci-Fi Guru” on NrdFeed specializing in “12 Monkeys”. I have recently begun attending “12 Monkeys” fan events, including the panel at NYC Comic Con in October 2015 (where I participated in the Q & A). This year, I attended a live podcast where I was lucky enough to meet Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull and Terry Matalas in person. I actively follow a number of famous people on Facebook and Twitter, some of whom follow me back.

In the past I have interviewed celebrities for fan sites, handled publicity for a convention (placing items in national publications like “SciFi Wire” and “Starlog”), managed a celebrity autograph room and been a “media wrangler” at a press conference. For fun I like to cuddle with cats, get killed in role playing games, target shoot and bake delicious things that are bad for me.

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