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Last Minute Post Apocalyptic Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

Feeling overwhelmed about Christmas and you haven’t finished your holiday shopping? We’ve compiled a list of great last-minute post apocalyptic Christmas gifts you can buy off Amazon right now and receive in time for Christmas. Check out our list of 9 ideas!

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Gift Idea #1: An Amazon Gift Card and a List of Instant-Watch Post-Apocalyptic Shows

Hunger Games - Amazon Instant Watch

Not everyone has Amazon prime or access to free post-apocalyptic shows. So why not buy your friends an Amazon gift card and send a list of ideas for great shows they can watch right away to get their post-apocalyptic fix? Here are our picks:

Hunger Games

Z Nation

Let the Right One In (critically acclaimed French movie with English subtitles)

Battlestar Galactica

The 100


The Walking Dead

Gift Idea #2: Survival Gear

Trashcan Radiation Filter - Post Apocalyptic Christmas GiftsCheck out our two posts in a series about items you’d want in a bug-out bag. We’ve got lots of links to Amazon products you’d want to include, like a $20 water filtration system.

The photo to your left is taken from a book called Nuclear War Survival Skills, which sells on Amazon and is even available with Prime shipping to get in time for Christmas. It has everything you need to know about how to survive a nuclear apocalypse. Really good stuff, like building your own water filtration system. You should consider gifting this book for someone interested in learning the ins and outs of surviving a nuclear war.

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Gift Idea #3: Survival Swag

Zombie Journal - Post Apocalyptic Christmas Gift

What good is the apocalypse if you don’t have any swag to go with it? If you’re looking for a survival gift that’s more tongue-in-cheek, why not buy your friend a Zombie Survival Notepad, that’s sure to come in … well … not handy at all during the apocalypse.

Don’t have time to fill out a notepad? Well, buy this pre-filled, gorgeous zombie journal instead.

Zombie Hunting Permit - Post Apocalyptic Christmas GiftOr perhaps you’d prefer to buy a Zombie Hunting Permit that your loved one can proudly display on his car, alerting other survivors that he has guns and maybe they shouldn’t bother him.

Or maybe just buy them this hilarious Zombie Survival Guide and call it a day. If the apocalypse happens, you don’t have to worry about loaning your friend guns or ammo. You didn’t just give him a fish, you taught him how to fish.

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Gift Idea #4: Comics

Maybe your friend is a TV junkie, but has he read the comics too? Consider Walking Dead graphic novel sets (focus on the compendiums for a complete set) or Attack on Titan, to get you started.

Gift Idea #5: Phone Cases

File this under “unconventional but inexpensive.” There are some stunning phone cases out there, ranging from Samsung to iPhone, featuring gorgeous post-apocalyptic scenery.

Gift Idea #6: Really Unique Board Games

Walking Dead Monopoly - Post Apocalyptic Christmas Gift Idea

Amazon has a bunch of board games that are post-apocalyptic themed and pretty darn unique. For example, take “Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)” It’s got a rating of 5 stars with more than 100 reviews. In the game, money is converted into supplies like ammo and the ability to fortify your land with walls and towers. If monopoly’s not to your liking, maybe try The Walking Dead Trivia Game instead, for just $16.99.

Gearworld Borderlands - Post Apocalyptic Gift Idea

Or “Gearworld: The Borderlands,” a game with an absolutely gorgeous post-apocalyptic cover, described as a game of conquest, negotiation and construction. It’s based on the classic Borderlands game, for those who think it sounds familiar.

Finally, the Zpocalypse Board Game is an intense, strategy-based tabletop game with extensive instructions and lots of action. It has high ratings on Amazon too and seems to be a big hit for Christmas.





Gift Idea #7: Funny Shirts

Knitting is a Post-Apocalyptic Skill - Christmas Gift Idea

Who doesn’t need a funny zombie t-shirt? The “Keep Calm” Walking Dead themed shirt will definitely get some chuckles if you put it in your loved one’s stocking. But if you want a more generic-themed shirt, try the “If Zombies Chase Us, I’m Tripping You” beauty.

Tired of T-shirts and want to buy something for the winter? This pretty grey and pink sweatshirt that proudly declares “knitting is a post-apocalyptic skill” might be perfect for your girlfriend. You can get it here.


Gift Idea #8: Swag for Your Pets

Zombie K9 Unit - Post-Apocalyptic Christmas Idea

Ever want to make sure your dog is a card-carrying member of the post-apocalyptic survival team, kind of like the Husky on Z Nation? Amazon’s got you covered. It has a “Zombie Tactical Response K-9 Unit” bandanna for your canine friend.

Happy Amazon customers have chimed in with pictures of their own dogs wearing the bandanna, so you know it’s a crowd pleaser.

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Gift #9: Ebola Books

Most of the post-apocalyptic-themed items on Amazon seem to focus on the zombie apocalypse. But maybe you’d rather gift your friend with an Ebola book or journal? Read this post we put up during the Ebola scare in the U.S. for a few book ideas you might want to purchase.

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