Getting Started with Endgame the Calling: Primer Part II

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Endgame The Calling

OK, I’ve gotten a lot of questions since I posted the last primer, so I thought I’d go ahead and make a new Endgame The Calling primer with additional, updated information. Remember, this is all connected to the book, Endgame: The Calling. If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you can buy it here.

Thus far, there are three  parts to Endgame: The book puzzles, the Stella ARG puzzles, and the mobile game which is coming soon.


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First, register on 

I have detailed instructions on how to do this in the first primer. If you have problems with getting the website to work, check out my post about how to fix KeplerFuturistics.

Stella ARG

The Stella ARG is a prequel game to Endgame The Calling. It gives you a lot of background as to how things ended up the way they are. My Endgame Primer gives a lot of information on how to start the ARG, along with clues to the first few puzzles you’ll encounter. Look for Stella tags on this blog for additional posts I’ve made with hints abou the ARG. 

Book Puzzles

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The book puzzles from Endgame The Calling are the main road for getting the prize ($500k in gold!) After you’ve registered on Kepler Futuristics, you’ll notice that there are three irises you need to open. Each iris opens when a puzzle you solve takes you to a website where you register again. There are three websites you’ll need to reach (and solve) to get the three irises on Kepler open. This can be a long process.

You’ll need to solve all the puzzles in the book to complete this process! They aren’t easy! Looking at the websites at the back of the book can help you with this part (and the mobile game part, which I’ll talk about next.)

I’ll give you one hint for solving some of the book puzzles: morse code! When you’ve found a “word” solution through the morse code, enter it into the same web shortener that you see at the back of the book. This will help you find the first website that will open iris #1.

EndGame The Calling first iris

But don’t think everything will be easy after that! It won’t. You’ll need to figure out a new password to get through the Iris #1 website. Once there, you’ll have three new puzzles to solve, including two punch cards, before you even make it to the big wheel puzzle that everyone’s talking about. The first two puzzles are really simple, but the third one is more complicated.

Don’t expect the journey to be easy or quick. Each step will just open the door to more puzzles and more questions. But with a little perseverance, you’ll make it.

Mobile Game Puzzles

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Another set of clues will get you registered for the mobile game, which is coming soon. This is where the TBOTS aka 121212 site comes into play. As pretty much everyone on the web knows by now, el121212 is the website you’ll want to start at in order to get on the mobile game path. First, you’ll have to solve a password to access 121212. The password is pretty simple and we’ve posted TONS of hints on this website about it! Read through some of our previous Endgame The Calling posts, along with the comments, to get some great hints.

Once you get on the site, study the comments VERY carefully, especially the earlier ones. You’ll have to follow a rabbit trail of websites and contact some of these sites in order to progress. It’s fun — don’t be afraid to reach out!

If you do everything correctly, you’ll eventually get the text message that I posted about previously.

Endgame Prequels

I’m not sure exactly how these fit in, but one Endgame prequel has already been released and two more are coming in the next few months. Check out this post to see how you can order them.


This concludes my second Endgame Primer. If you see anything on here that’s incorrect, please leave a comment and let me know. If you think there’s better information that I should include, comment on that and I’ll edit this post!

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  1. Can somebody help me with the book puzzles? Is the morse in the book or not? I’ve decoded what I think is all the morse and tried every combination of words and letters I can think of but have gotten nowhere.

    1. @WYLTK there is morse throughout the whole book but only one page has the required morse for the website. The website is not If you know the format of morse it will be obvious when you see it.

  2. Hey, i’m very far behind, i just got the book and got onto keplerfuturistics. now im stumped i dont know how to open the first iris, and i’ve been to TBOTS already. Any help would be great.

    1. Just in case you haven’t gotten past this part yet: TBOTS won’t help you with the first iris. You’ve got to solve puzzles in the book itself for that part…

        1. il FigoSu questo sono anche io d’accordo, il problema della suddetta persona è, semmai, che tende a credere alle persone; un pò troppo Naive diciamo.Se non controlla è perchè pensa da scienziato incorrottibile e crede siano tutti come lui. O almeno questa è la mia impressione.

  3. Hi guys, i was able to finish the Stone Room. Now i’m on the track of the Glass one, i know i have to look to a specific image in the book, the one with the outsiders, but didn’t find anything useful. I think the track it’s on the numbers, but not sure. Any hint?

  4. Hii I’m stuck because I followed the tbots comments and it took me to the congement site and the sausage site, but i don’t know what to do next I sent my info to the congement site, but idk what to send to the sausage site and what to do next. PLEASE HELP ME….. 🙁

      1. Im sooooooo weirded out right now what is this? congenment says i have to donate money because of the survey idk what is happening. PLEASE I BEG YOU HELP ME………. >:-(

  5. I did figure out that I need to use Morse but am having trouble knowing what will be the Google code. I don’t want to spoil anything but one chapter had a sentence of Morse that I assume isn’t the code. Later in that chapter there is more mouse. is the code an actual word or just a series of random letters

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