Getting Started with Endgame: A Quick Primer

Looking for stories about the THIRD Endgame Contest? Check out our latest article here.

To start, you’ll want to check out AncientSocieties’ “getting started” webpage for useful information.

FIRST and most important: It appears that the clues & game for the Endgame ARG (which the character “Stella” runs) are SEPARATE from the clues & puzzles in the book. Now, as to whether the Stella ARG will help at all with finding the $500k book prize, I’m not sure. But know that they are separate games. The book puzzles include web links in the book itself, alchemy pages, and a lot of other stuff.

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Endgame: The Calling

This post is about getting started in both ARGs.

Don’t have the book yet? Buy it here! Or if you just want to support this website (we earn no money!), then buy something on Amazon after clicking on the link. 🙂

Kepler Futuristics

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Kepler is tied to the BOOK puzzles. is the first place you need to go to get started. Turn the big coin around (make sure you turn it COMPLETELY) and you’ll be given a chance to register for the game. YES, you must register to be eligible for the prize.

Note: Some people are having trouble turning the coin. Make sure you don’t have an adblocker or anything that could stop a pop-up. Try a different browser if you keep having problems. To make sure that your computer will work with the book puzzles and the Kepler website, go here ( and make sure the cube spins!

The Kepler site is important. It might be a means for tracking your progress. As you move ahead, different circles will light up, indicating your progress in the book game.

Connecting with Stella – The First Part of the Prequel ARG

The prequel ARG – Stella’s story – is separate from the book puzzles. To get started with this game, visit and email Stella. Go to “About me” and send her a message. It can be about anything! You’ll get a puzzle to solve. Once you solve the puzzle, add it to the end of the short link: (Note: The secret video for this puzzle is now publicly available on the Ancient Societies website.) 

Check out the Ancient Societies’ links about the mythology of the bloodlines, because you never know when this information will come in handy.

Other Puzzles in Stella’s ARG

I’m listing a few of Stella’s puzzles, to give you an idea of how the system works:

On October 9, Stella posted a message that you can find on the Ancient Societies website. If you don’t have time to solve it, the answer is here (highlight next to read):
On October 10, Stella posted this puzzle:
The answer is reported to be (highlight to read): 1812overture

On October 11, she posted this one:

Here are some clues to the Oct. 11 puzzle to help you along:

  • You’re looking for a number that leads to a webpage.
  • Think resistor color coding…
  • Consider taking actual resistor numbers and adding them together…
  • Want the number? Highlight here: 12,121,212
  • Stella provided a clue for the many people who got stuck at this point, after figuring out the number: “Sometimes, when I can’t quite reach my goal, I meditate on the answer.”
  • Still stuck? Here’s another clue. To connect to a website, label the units… How does that connect to meditation? Highlight for another clue: ohms
  • Still stuck? OK, here’s the answer:

What do you think that screenshot means?

(UPDATE) Endgame’s journey will continue with new Endgame prequels that you can pre-order now. Check this new post for details.

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    1. A lot of people have that issue. You need to make sure you’re using Chrome, first of all. If it still gives you problems, there are some Chrome extensions you can add that might help. If you still have problems using Chrome, try an extension to help, maybe the WebGL inspector extension for Chrome.

  1. i cant even enter the register screen on keplerfuturistics. it throws me to an error site which reads “Graphics Performance Too Low”

    1. That’s a common problem. 🙁 Are you using Google Chrome? Sorry for the delayed response – just got back from vacation.

        1. Did you try to make sure your browser supports web GL? Check out Sometimes if I turn the coin on Kepler really fast and don’t delay, it’ll send me on past, when it would normally give me an error message.

  2. Where did the Ancient Societies website come from? I looked at every web link in the back of the book and didn’t find it. Just curious where it was mentioned?

  3. I left my e-mail address on the keplerfuturistics site, but I didn’t get any e-mail in return. Is anyone here having the same problem?

    1. It actually took mine a couple weeks for the email to come through. Did you check your spam? I don’t think the response is always immediate…

      1. I’ve just got it. I’m officially registered 🙂 Thank you for your answer. It surprised me that you waited couple weeks. WOW.

        1. I’m so glad you got it!! I think maybe mine took longer because they were running behind at first. Glad to hear they’ve sped things up!

          1. I have waited at least a month but haven’t received anything. And there are no means to restart the process, is there?

          2. I’d hazard a guess that it means you haven’t done a step that’s needed yet. Are you talking about not receiving the text yet or something else?

  4. I signed up nearly 2 months ago but am stuck in the first room with the table and door with no handle. I dont know what to do or what is suppose to happen next please help.

    1. Kepler just records your progress through the game. As you solve certain puzzles, the irises will open. You’ll need to solve puzzles in the book, which will lead you to websites you can register on, to get the first iris open.

    1. Which puzzle are you talking about? Feel free to message me through the Contact button at the top of the page if you want to chat that way too!

  5. Where do we go to put the solutions of the puzzles? Because I have gone throughout all the links it gives in the book, and none of them are sites as such. Also, and it’s fine if you’re not allowed to answer this, but how do we even find the puzzles? I realize that the room at Kepler is for keeping progress, but it’s just as confounding. Thank you!

    1. You’re probably way past this by now, but the puzzles for starting out with kepler are all in the book. it concerns morse code…

  6. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do, the first link leads to the Kepler website and I’ve successfully registered, the second leads to kitco gold chart, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do on there or if I’ve gone to the wrong place?!
    Please help!

  7. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do, the first link leads to the Kepler website and I’ve successfully registered, the second leads to kitco gold chart, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do on there or if I’ve gone to the wrong place?!
    Please help!

    1. Read through the 2nd primer post also and see if that helps too… There are 3 separate puzzle games. The book game, which requires that you solve puzzles in the book and that works with the Kepler site. Then there’s an upcoming mobile game, which works with 121212. And then there’s an online prequel ARG that works with the ancient societies website

  8. How do you find the puzzles? i got the book for christms and im still not sure how to find the puzzles….help?

    1. Start by looking at the web links at the back of the book. Also, there are puzzles kind of mixed in the book, like some origami-like cutouts and stuff… It’s all kinda confusing!

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