Kepler Futuristics: More Craziness

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Kepler Futuristics and Endgame: Words that make me want to scream! How about you? (By the way: You can preorder the prequels now. Not sure if it will help, but it might be fun to get a jump on everyone and get the new releases delivered to your Kindle automatically. I talk about it in this post.)

I’ve seen several photos of the first iris open on the KeplerFuturistics website. Personally, I prefer this photo because you can clearly see the key hidden inside. What do you think?

EndGame key

OK, this Endgame puzzle is CRAZY. Just gotta say that! If you’ve been to the U or C sites, I’d like to hear from you. Did anything happen when you called the phone number? Or did you sign up for the email list and figure anything out from the name of the guy who sent you a message? I don’t know if these are clues or more red herrings, but it’s interesting to think about. A commenter on here mentioned that even Rollie Sakers will tell you that the path starts with the C site form. But does that ever lead anywhere significant?

I heard a rumor that certain photos have QR codes in them. Might be something worth checking out.

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By the way, what are your thoughts on stones and grooved spheres?

And just to see if you’re a good puzzle solver. There was a clue hidden in the video here (but this video has since been removed.) I’ve heard it was part of a promo puzzle to get you warmed up for Endgame. But it might help you on the path of “reading deeper.”

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  1. What is the U site? Im almost positive I know what it is but no address i use will get me there! I think I have a pretty good clue but I’m not sure if anyone else has found it yet. Any hints on the U site? I think it might be two words one starting with U and the other S. Is that right?

    you can find me at [email protected]

    1. I’ll send you a note, but you can also write me through the Contact page on here (top of the site) if you don’t hear from me fast enough. We should chat about our finds!

      1. just starting on site and stuck in room with three holed table, not even sure what to do next?? any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hello
    Im trying to sign up for Endgame but i’m stuck in a stone room and i don’t know how to register. If you could give me any hint of how to sign up, it’d be really helpful. Thank you

    1. Is it the Kepler Futuristics room that you’re having trouble with? The “Endgame Primer” post has a good explanation on how to start in that room. Also there’s a post in this blog’s Endgame category about how to fix Kepler Futuristics if the site isn’t working right for you.

  3. I think I may know what that video is all about…. At the end there are those beeps and it sounds to me like it one of those audio files that can be transferred into a picture. no evidence to back this up but I have come across these before…

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