Endgame After 12: What’s Next?

Endgame After 12I’ve seen lots of questions lately about the next steps in Endgame after 12… After doing some research and reading through comments and tips from helpful readers, here are some ideas for people who’ve written questions on this blog. Now, I don’t want to give anything away, especially to those who don’t want to be spoiled, so these are just small bits of advice to help you along the way.

If you’re familiar with the next steps and see anything in this post that isn’t accurate, please leave a comment or contact me and I’ll update this post right away.

As far as what to do with Endgame after 12… Well, there are two paths that you can (and should) take once you’ve found the passphrase.

Path 1: Read through all the comments on tbots and look for websites to follow. When you reach these sites, don’t be afraid to reach out to people. I’ve heard rumors that this part of the path might eventually lead to a mobile game rather than unlocking Kepler (or in addition to?), but I can’t confirm whether this is true or just a rumor.

Path 2: To move forward on Kepler, you need to focus on the book puzzles. These puzzles, when solved, will lead you to a website that has puzzles of its own. Don’t forget to watch for dashes.  (Readers: If you’ve gotten this far, can you confirm that this hint is correct?)

For those who are beyond this… How many irises have you opened on Kepler Futuristics so far? Leave a comment below and let me know! 🙂 And if you’d like to subscribe to this blog to stay posted on future updates, please do so right here!

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  1. i am sure that you have right on both of the paths . The iris open and without tbots site (is for the mobile game ) . And the puzzles in the book (not only the pages with the icons on it ) is very important for the progress . Need search and reading o lot of times 😀

    1. Thanks for the confirmation! It’s good to know I’ve got that right. 🙂 Lots of research for those book puzzles — they are tough!

  2. I’ve solved some of the puzzles, but I haven’t been able to find the site to input them on. Are the ones I’ve solved just red herrings, then? Could I have some guidance on which puzzle leads to the site? Just a tidbit of direction, please.

    1. I’ve heard that inputting them into the shortened Google address (like they have in the back of the book) is what you should do, or will at least help you along the path. Would love to know if any other readers can confirm this.

  3. Hi! I´m going to follow the step 2. But I don´t know where should I begin in the book. Can anyone help me? Could you give me a hint?

  4. Dude PLEASE answer ME! I got to the ConGenement place and filled the form many time even once with all the check boxes checked both yes and no(idk how this happened) but still nothing?!? Must i call the number on the site? When i try to my phone immediately says the call cannot be completed and hangs up!!! I send you a “contact me” post a few days ago and one more recent but still no word from you, admin. I am really stuck and i want the mobile game! Thos got personal the moment i managed to find the el121212 password. please, by the love of science, help me…..

    1. Hmmm… I wonder if the contact me isn’t working right, because I’ve only received one message in the last few weeks and it wasn’t from anyone with your name. 🙁 I visited several websites from the 121212 site and filled out the web forms and called the numbers. I’m not totally sure which one of the few I filled out did the trick. However, when I called I didn’t get the message you got… The numbers I called all asked me to leave my name and phone number. I definitely did the Congenement site. Did you go to the Utopia site? I did that one also.

      1. I will see this Utopia site but there is the thing, i might not be able to make international calls from my phone…

        1. Oh yes the utopian technology foundation. I don’t seem to find anything there except a phone number. Any clues?

          1. How am I supposed to write in the numbers? So the utopian number is (424) 272-1453 and i just dial 4242721453. I am supposed to be able to make international calls (which cost a LOT) but all it says is that the call cannot be completed.

          2. TBH, I’m not sure if the text I got came from signing a form online, sending an email to a contact page or from one of the phone calls I made. But if it came from a phone call, it was to a US number. Maybe you can make the call online so it’s not as expensive?

  5. Ok. How do i make the call online? And if i do, how will they know my number? Other that that can you tell me a little more about the forms you filled? I only filled the congenement one a few times.

  6. Hey guys. So I’ve gotten through a few of the book puzzles, I can confirm that the dot dash hint is correct. I’ve opened the stone iris, but I am stuck at the infamous wheel. Where to next?

      1. Hey, mist. I managed to figure this one out, actually. I have three hints for you. One: check out some ancient architecture. Two: roman numerals. Three: think about what that range of numbers represents. Good luck.

          1. That actually took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out. Try right clicking instead of left.

  7. Hey 🙂
    How i can open the iris? I have search in the book and internet but nothing.. i know i must find a code but how..maybe you can help me by my first challenge:D

  8. can anyone please help? i just got the TBOTS password, and i commented on the website, but i have no idea where to go next. i sent a question in through email too but it hasn’t been answered yet. i like spoilers and hints. please guide me! thanks in advance.

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